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"He looks a total travesty, no-one would take him for a woman, so it is stupid for him to try."

Well he is unlikely to have had anything like as much practice, as a real woman. It's not his fault if he is tall, has no clothes sense, or looks as butch normally as the family dog. I know plenty of women who look that way, don't you? It is amazing how well they can be transformed though, with the right expertise. We unconsciously think of very "feminine" as meaning having model girl looks, because 99% of advertising images show women as gorgeous. But what do women really look like? To test this, I took copies of some passport type photos of women trying to look their best, recently submitted by them to encourage people to vote for them in an election. Now ask yourself, how many of them could be men dressed as women! At least three, and one may be a woman dressed as a man, I would have said.

Ladies, if you look at a bunch of typical cross-dressing men, they won't look any worse! The point I am making here is: some people expect too much. Anyway I thought it was men who go only by looks?

"But he's always over the top with makeup."

Some men are like that, trying to make up for the teenage girl in them that never had the chance to blossom. But most yearn to look convincing, they just need some help with beard shadow as well as eyeshadow! We all wear a public mask, and try to project and aspire to a better image. When the inner image cannot be expressed, that is when a relationship is placed in jeopardy. If possible tell a close girlfriend, who could help you give him a makeover, and share the situation.

"I just can't call him by a woman's name somehow."

I thought it was my bangle!Get out of my sight!A lot of women have a hang-up about this. I would only do so while he is appropriately dressed, of course. I actually don't think it matters if you don't want to. But hey, if you do, then make sure it's a name you like. Think of it as keeping and developing your partner, and gaining a sister or best girlfriend!

"He looks better than I do."

I'll bet he's really jealous of how you look. But if not, better get down that grooming bay, girl!

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