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Transgendered (TG): A modern useful and polite 'catch-all' term, implying Gender Variance. Often used to cover all the sub groups below except Drag Queen.

Transvestite (TV), Tranny: A term for those who feel compelled to wear the clothes of the opposite gender, who often feel 50% or more female, but would never change sex. Used indiscriminately, but often used faintly disaparagingly. Hence (usually incorrectly) associated with homosexuality. The word has clinical or medical overtones, which quite wrongly imply a "perversion" to be "cured". Crossdressing is in fact a harmless alternative lifestyle, which for most is a part-time hobby.

Crossdresser (CD): As TV above but less judgemental, implying acceptance or tolerance. No sexual implications. A good word, especially for heterosexual trannies. (Not suitable for transsexuals - see below).

MTF = Male to Female (the majority), FTM = Female to Male (fewer, because it's relatively easy for a woman to get away with looking masculine). RTV = Regular Transvestite, OTV = Occasional, FTV = Full Time, RG = Real Girl (please not GG which = Horse!).

SilhouetteGender Transient: Someone who is able to swap between male and female clothes and behaviour at will.

Transsexual (TS): Someone born with a female brain in a male body, or vice-versa. "Gender dysphoria" can only be cured by surgery and hormones to align the body with the brain ("gender confirmation", whereupon the person is no longer TS). A MTF woman normally lives in "stealth mode", i.e. full time as a woman for at least 2 years before she can have surgery, to get used to the life she was meant for. N.B. Many of these transgendered women will not be able to have, or will not want or need surgery, just hormone treatment.

PTS = Post- (or Pre-) Operative Transsexual. To avoid confusion and probable offence, these people should always be referred to in their 'new' gender. "PTS" should be used only when essential to specify that current gender assignment differs from birth gender.

Drag: Dressed As a Girl. Drab: Dressed As a Boy.
'Drag' implies
Drag Queen, Gender-bender: Gay Female impersonator, usually on stage. Extrovert, exhibitionist, parodies women only to entertain. Does not usually look real; particularly in that despite the glamorous clothes, mannerisms are exaggerated, or still masculine. Drag King: Lesbian male impersonator.

Bisexual: Fancying both men and women. Correct meaning = "of both sexes", but has come instead to mean "Swings both ways", or "AC/DC".

N.B. Most gay men (contrary to popular belief!) hate the idea of dressing as women. Even those who do, normally fancy butch men, not TVs or TSs. Gay men often criticise crossdressers to draw attention away from their own secret leanings. Gay women sometimes oppose crossdressing, as they only like 'real' women and resent how some TSs look better than them. People of all kinds who are comfortable with their own sexuality tend to be the most supportive of gender issues.

Sissy: A male who fantasises about enforced femininity. This is really about submissive role play, such as being in a domestic maid to a female dominatrix; or for a tiny minority, being innocently dressed as an adult girl child.

She-Male, Ladyboy: Someone with male genitalia who has taken hormones to give themselves a more feminine body. Common in Thailand and Brazil. Terms (rather unfortunately) associated with prostitution in underdeveloped countries, usually due to political and police oppression.

Eunuch: The castrated but widely accepted "third sex", who have been around for centuries around the world and are still numerous in some countries such as India.

Intersex : Physically rare (Hermaphrodite), someone with ambiguous sex organs, or with those of both sexes. Usually given surgery in infancy, but she may also have been "assigned" incorrectly at that time. He or she will need to remain on hormones for life. New research has revealed that there is physical evidence of female brains in some male bodies, leading to a welcome wider interpretation of the term.

LGB, LGBT = Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgendered. Government official term which tends to confuse the Transgendered with the more powerful and numerous first three. Many pressure groups don't even bother with the 'T' other than as window dressing. Used to assert political rights, but not recommended, as 'T'(rans) (gender) rights tend to be sidelined into people's prejudices about a different issue (sexuality).

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