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"I'm not becoming a lesbian, am I?"

Fantasy of a femaleHighly unlikely. What does it matter these days how people label you, even if you were. The ultimate TV fantasy may be to have lesbian sex, but remember this is a paradox. He remains male, and so you definitely cannot have a lesbian relationship unless in fantasy. Some women question their sexual identity at a time of crisis in a relationship. This is no more than fear of what people may think of your healthy role-play. You are both the same people you were before. He is physically a man, you are a woman; so make love to him, whatever clothes you wear!

Women are the strong sex where feelings are concerned, and you can not only survive, but really enjoy the variety. It is all an attitude of mind; you have the power to make the most of it. And it is actually extremely exciting sometimes to treat him like exactly like a lady, you know what I mean girls...

"I don't want to know anything about it. He can do what he likes in private, but why involve me!"Home Alone

It is tempting to ignore, in the hope that "she" will just go away. We have only one life. Why deny anyone the right to fulfil an important part of it? He won't stop dressing, it will simply mean you will spend more time apart. Probably both of you will be lonely and hurt. You can best influence him by being involved, and above all ..... (like E.T.) ..... keep.... talking!

"I'm still confused. Are there other women I can ask about it?"

We did have a group of 223 women on another linked website. The idea was to make new girlfriends, tell everyone their views , read and reply to email, post pictures and much else. It was unfortunately very difficult to get most of you to contribute, and I was simply unable to run it any longer. Sorry if some of you were confused about how to post messages! However, there are letters on this site you can read, which should help.

Love from Chloe xxx

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