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Thank you for coming into my life!

From: Julie
To: Chloe Springfield
Sent: Monday, December 20, 2004 9:13 AM

Gender: Real Woman
Relationship: Yes
Age: 42
Frequency: OTV
Style: Convincing
Orientation: Straight
His Name: Colin

In October I met the most wonderful man, and within days I knew that this was the person I had been looking for to share my life. I had been in relationships before, two of them were 21 years to my ex-husband & a 4-year one with an ex; but I always felt something was missing. I never felt I could be completely me, and I can't explain why, but the day I met Colin was to change me as a person as well as my life... but all for the better.

We saw each other a lot in the first week, & I felt so at ease with him we talked about every subject possible... except crossdressing, (although we had talked about sexual orientation & past experiences). Some of the things things I said I wanted from a relationship were honesty, faithfulness, someone to want me & only me as their sexual partner; and most of all friendship.

I went home on the Sunday after spending a wonderful weekend with him, to recieve a E-mail saying he had a secret to tell me. He was sorry for taking the coward's way out and doing it by e-mail... As I read it my heart was pounding. He said what he had to tell me he had never ever told anyone else before. Two thoughts went through my mind - he's married or bi-sexual - and they are two situations I know I couldnt cope with, as I didn't want to share my partner sexually or emotionally with anyone else...

So when I read that he was a CD, yes I was shocked, and it took a while to sink in. But I carried on reading, and he explained it so well. It was hard to imagine though that this 6ft broad chested, ex-soldier, handsome man - as a woman! But he had attatched some photos, and he looked stunning; and no, he didn't look like a man in a dress, he looked so convincing. I must say that had he not sent the photos I would not have been able to grasp the situation so well. I had such overwhelming feelings of love for him, especially as he had felt that he could trust me enough to confide in me.

So I tried to phone, but he wouldnt answer the phone. He texted to say would I e-mail him, as he couldnt cope with talking to me untill he knew how I felt. He was scared I would ridicule him. So I texted him first to tell him how I felt, then we exchanged a few e-mails during the day before finally speaking later.

Since that day our relationship has gone from strength to strength. We go shopping together to buy clothes: this is fairly easy as we are simular sizes. I went & bought him some makeup this week, and last week he did my make up for me... since meeting him I have started to feel more feminine and take more care in my makeup, etc. Before I always felt silly if I wore sexy underwear, but not now.

The only thing I find difficult is not being able to share the real reason for my new found happiness with my friends, but I wouldn't. Not because I am ashamed or find it wrong, but because I love and respect my partner and his wishes; so thats why I have written into the 'Ladylike' website. I also want to say to Colin, if ever he gets to see this: "I love you darling, and thankyou for coming into my life!"


To: Chloe Springfield
Sent: Wednesday, January 05, 2005 1:22 PM


Thankyou for your reply, and yes you may use my e-mail on the site, I would be honoured.

Just to keep you updated Denise (Colin) and myself recently went to Amsterdam between Xmas & New Year, where in the most romantic setting of a river cruise I was proposed to; and we are now engaged.


Julie x

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