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Here's a typical letter of thousands I have.

Monday, August 11, 2003 at 08:20

Writing to LadylikeMy goodness; I did not expect to find this information when I signed on tonite! I have a TG boyfriend.We are at the beginning of our relationship and are still feeling our way. We started out as just friends and are beginning to explore a more romantic relationship now. He has been upfront with me from the beginning, by breaking it to me in stages, and I find that I am having a lot less difficulty than I would have believed. He lives in a community that is very straight-laced and I live in Los Angeles, which of course, is anything but! I have found that he has many qualities that have been enhanced by his TG leanings, such as patience, understanding & gentleness; all of which of course can be found in straight men, but not to the extent that my boyfriend has them. He is in therapy now, to help him with self acceptance & he tells me that, although he feels comfortable at PFLAG (Parents & friends of Lesbians, Gays & Bisexual, TV & TG folks) meetings, he feels more androgynous than anything. He prefers to combine his female dressing with his male dressing, not being surreptitious about it. He says he is completely straight sexually, though, and, since he has been absolutely honest with me up until now, I am inclined to believe this as well. It is comforting to me to have someplace like this to go to, though, as we continue to explore this relationship. I am falling in love with him and certainly do not want to do anything to hurt him, or to make things more difficult for him than they already are. He has been so patient with me! I hope that, until I find the like here in the US, I may continue to visit this site for continued support!

Sincerely, Kristina

19 August 2003 22:58

Dear Chloe,

I would be honored to have you use any or all of my letter. Now I hope I haven't jinxed our relationship by sharing it with the world! :-) Kidding. It is my dear hope & wish that, in my lifetime, people will begin to just accept others as who they are, gay, straight, bi-, trans-whatever! We are all just people, after all. I have been raised in a primarily straight world, with an ex-uncle who divorced my aunt when he came out. But as I have grown older, I have made friends with people of all "persuasions," & found beauty in each one of them. I'm not bragging here; I guess I'm just sad that everyone doesn't see.

Sincerely, Kristina

A quote that may interest you all from the "Metro" newspaper of 9 December 2004: "A third of women would stay with their partner if they found out he was a closet transvestite. Only half that number would put up with him if he refused to wash". I'm with both groups, and I hope you are!

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